Frequently Asked Questions

I want to build a new home, but I don’t know where to start?

The first step is simple – talk to a professional builder like Trademark Homes. When you do that we can recommend and help you with the next steps like: selecting a floor plan, picking out a lot, finding financing for your project, etc.

Can Trademark Homes build on my lot or in other developments?

Yes, absolutely! Trademark Homes can build on your lot and in most other developments even if we don’t own the lot initially.

I have a lot already and I need to work on a house plan, how do I get started?

One option is to find a local draftsman or architect to help you with that, or even look on the internet to find plans that you like on your own. The easier way would be to get in touch with a professional builder like Trademark Homes to help you with it.

What areas does Trademark Homes build in?

Trademark Homes builds mainly in the Sioux Falls area, but will go as far as 200 miles away to build your next home!

I have heard it is stressful to build a new home, why is that?

There are many decisions and selections that need to be made when building a new home and that is why some people believe it is stressful. Trademark Homes prides itself in giving you extra customer service with your decisions and selections so that you can enjoy your home building experience!

I am afraid of going over budget with a new build, how can I stay on track?

With the large number of options for your new home, it can be easy to spend more than your budget. That is why when Trademark Homes prices your house we use quality fixtures and finishes in the budget so you don’t have to upgrade everything and go over your budget.

Who gets the construction loan for a new home build?

Either the home owner or the builder is allowed to take out the construction loan. Trademark Homes has partnered with different local banks to be able to have the power to pull those construction loans, and that is how we normally do it.

How do I pick my builder?

You need to meet with builders face to face and get a feel for a few different things: Can they build you a quality home? Do they have fresh ideas and designs for your new home? Can I get along well with my builder for the entire building process? Are they a reputable builder and can prove that with references? Do they have Design Coordinator to help with the large amount of selections that need to be made? Have they been in business for long enough to prove they will be around if I have problems in the future?

Can I ask a builder for references?

Yes absolutely! If you ask a builder for references and they don’t want to give them to you, do you really want them building your house?

Can I save money by contracting out the house myself?

The short answer is NO! Take into consideration the fact that subcontractors will not give you the same prices as a professional builder will get on labor and materials. Not to mention the service and support a person contracting it themselves will get will always be second class to a builder that does many homes per year. Another facet to take into consideration is that if it takes you longer to build the home, you are losing money in interest expenses every day.

What benefits do I get with a professional builder like Trademark homes?

You will receive benefits such as: a home warranty, help with all of the selections during the build, quality workmanship in every phase, design ideas to make your home one-of-a-kind, management to get your house completed as soon as possible, and the list goes on….

Does Trademark Homes do remodeling or additions?

YES. Call or email us to get a free estimate on your project.